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Wassili Zafiris is (1964) expert in facilitating change and experienced public speaker. He does meticulous research when working on a subject. As a modeler he creates new models and techniques for change. Wassili challenges assumptions and applies his innovations for organizational change and individual transformation.  

Wassili is the co-creator of the business model Meaningful Profit. Inspiring entrepreneurs to add meaningfulness as well as money. He developed Driven by Nature. A new motivational theory of human behavior. Wassili has also developed coaching applications for working with depression. Opening up a non-therapeutic approach to working with depressed people. He has unique experience as the mental coach of the Dutch Women’s Volleybal team. He spent 18 months on tour with the team, coaching the team as well as the individual players. 

Wassili latest research is about the unknown impact of our emotions on our decision making. He has done groundbreaking work with new techniques to influence troublesome feelings. This is of incredible value within individual change and relational therapy. Relationship Emotion Therapy and Coaching (RETAC) is one of the most effective change methods.

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Employability: Lecture, Conference Facilitator, Workshop, Conference host, Training.

Meaningful Profit
2 times awarded: Best Business book & Best Management book

Book Wassili for a speaking engagement about self-actualization, personal and business transformation.

The world’s first recipe of the mindset of a top chef! Over 10.000 copies sold!

Learn how to think as a Michelin star chef. Book Wassili to talk about mastery.


Happiness is depressing
Wassili’s latest book

A new approach for depression? Learn about the misconceptions of happiness and how to become happy. Book Wassili for a speaking engagement about happiness, depression and mazzeltof.

Wassili Zafiris Team Coach

Mental coach Dutch women’s volleyball team

Want to learn strategies to work as a team? Collaborate at your peak? Book Wassili for a speaking engagement about teamwork at the highest level.

Wassili is a congruent speaker who inspires many. His talks are animated and to the point, inviting his audiences into his world and then touching them personally.

- Drs. Anneke MeijerNLP trainer, GZ-psychologe, directeur IEP (Instituut voor Eclectische Psychologie)

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Changing Emotions

A revolutionaire new neuro-scientific theory about how emotions are made. Understanding how our emotions shape our reality changes how we approach problematic behavior. Stress, negative emotions, relationship issues, problematic behavior, all come forth from unconscious feelings. Hold on to your seat for a new perspective on how we can change! A new theory for change as well as very effectieve methods. A remarkable new method to transform stress, tension and negative emotions. A presentation full of tips and techniques for anyone who want to learn how our brain works.

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Genius Relating: How do you change the pitfalls of intimacy and connection in relationships?

Relationship issues are everywhere, at home and in the workplace. They influence your stability, how you think about yourself and others. They influence the way you cooperate, approach your children and your future expectations. This presentation is about the heart of what creates relationship problems. Based on new neuro-scientific research you will learn what the cause of our relationship problems is and how to solve them! Filled with insights, tips and ‘tricks’.

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Abundant mind, abundant wealth

Wassili has coached financial traders for more than 25 years. He researched and taught successful wealth strategies. Wassili can share his learnings about what creates a wealth mindset. Are you curious how you can influence your mindset for a more profitable way of thinking?

Book Wassili to learn about what profit is and how to gain it.

Generative Leadership: How leaders can lead each other and create teams that outperform.

Who needs a leader that no one follows? Leading is about how to establish a culture of collaboration! Collaboration has always been at the heart off innovation. In a time of virtual connection collaboration is the difference that will make the difference! Want to learn about the skills needed for generative collaboration and take your leading style to the next level? Contact us.

Upcoming speaking events

3-5 December 2021
International NLP Confex for Business Excellence, Online

Meaningful Profit, integrating human nature in business

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24th of November 2021
NLP Health and Addictions International Online Conference

Depression and Zest for Life coaching with NLP

More information
5 June 2021
NLP Health conference, Athens, Greece

Masterclass Depression Coaching- Understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression.

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Examples of previous speaking events

  • Quantum, Argentina, Masterclass Depression Coaching- Understanding and changing the inner landscape of depression, 24 March 2021, Online.
  • IIOPM Psychiatry Congres, Stress and Resilience at work in the Hospital, 5 December 2020, Online.
  • NVNLP congres Online, Tools for hard times – Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching (RETeaC), a new method of working with emotions in relationships, 28 November 2020, Online.
  • Netwerk Cafe Online, Resilience in times of Corona, 2 December 2020.
  • Dutch NLP congres: NVNLP Online, NLP in times of Relationship Crisis: Relation Emotion Therapy and Coaching (RETAC), 8 November 2020.
  • Presenting my new book Happiness is Depressing , Crete, Greece, September 24 2019, at the NLPU Trainers Training.
  • Keynote Speaker: Generative Collaboration. Opening of the Academic year. 26 August 2019, Hoge School Utrecht, Institute for ICT
  • Keynote Speaker: Resilience in times of stress, disruption and adversity, The heart of business continuity management. May 9 2019, 5th Risk and BCM Forum, Athens, Greece
  • Book presentation, Crete, Greece, 24 September 2019, Presenting my new book Happiness is Depressing at the NLPU Trainers Training.
  • University of Utrecht, Institute for ICT, 26 August 2019, Keynote Speaker: Generatief Collaboration for teachers. Opening of the academic year.

  • 5th Risk and BCM Forum, Athens, Greece, May 9 2019, Keynote Speaker: Resilience in times of stress, disruption and adversity, The heart of business continuity management.

  • Netwerk Café, Amsterdam, 3 April 2019, Resilience and employability, fired and 50+.

  • Gezond Denken en Doen, postgraduate education, 2,3 Februari 2019, Masterclass Depression Coaching.
  • IIOPM Conference, Psychiatry, Doncaster, UK, 8 October 2018, Stress and relaxation in the workplace.
  • Nyenrode Business University, Masterclass Digital Leadership, 17 december 2018, The impact of the digital transformation for cooperations: Masterclass Resilience & Personal Leadership.
  • Nijenrode Business University, Masterclass Digital Leadership, 3 juli 2018, The impact of the digital transformation for cooperations: Masterclass Personal Leadership.

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  • MetaGroupHolland, 28 juni 2018, Trauma, PTSD and depression training about my book Happiness is Depressing. Co-trainers Frank Pucelic, Lucas Derks
  • De Master Spreek, 8 juni 2018, KNVI book presentation. Presentation: Stress, the brain and dealing with change.
  • NVNLP May congress, 26 MEI 2018, Modelling & Mastering Depression.
  • KNVI congress, Informatie is m8, 10 NOVEMBER 2017, The digital transformation: Leading in a world of unpredictable change.
    Gemeente Almere, Change and transformation, 21 SEPTEMBER 2017, Brainstorm session with a 100 leaders.
  • May congress of the NVNLP, 27 mei, Wassili will be presenting his latest developments about how to work with depressed clients from a coaching perspective.
  • GGD Hollands Noorden, 31 januari, about Personal Leadership: the inner landscape of change.
  • Vlieland culture route, 17 december, Wassili will be reading from is latest book Happiness is depressing combined with poems from Gerda Posthumus in the Old Barn of Vlieland.
  • The Dutch Society of NLP, 26 november, Wassili will be speaking  at the annual NVNL congress. He developed 7 new NLP techniques to change depression into Zest for life.
  • Members meeting DECO (fashion retail association), 6 juni, about Teamwork, the essence of cooperation.
  • Human Scale Amsterdam,12 mei, about the essence of connection and cooperation: Get connected!
  • NLP congress Praag, 24 oktober, about ‘Happiness is Depressing’ at the biggest NLP congress of Tsjechië.
  • Bitcoin Wednesday Amsterdam, 7 oktober, about ‘culture and money’.
  • ICF Congres Bulgarije, 30 september, ‘expert coach’.
  • Therapy day NIP (Dutch association for psychology), about ‘meaning and crisis’.
  • Zijactief Limburg, about ‘Unleashing your talents’.
  • Dutch Medical association, about ‘Motivation and work’.
  • Nyenrode Business University Alumni Career event, about ‘meaningfulness and leadership in your career’.
  • National Psychology congress, about ‘resilience’.
  • International Coaching Federation, Greek Chapter, ‘Resilience in times of crisis’, Athens, Greece.
  • ‘All Energy Day’ Climate KIC, about ‘Entrepreneurship and Energy’.
  • Free Mason Guild Gouda, Entrepreneur association about ‘the power of failing as a entrepreneur’.
  • Hypnotherapy congress about ‘resilience & depression’.
  • ABN AMRO bank Dialogues House, about ‘Climate change and the impact on the economy’ as Climate Leader in Al Gore’s Reality Project
  • Keynote speaker at the first on-line World NLP congress, with a.o. R. Dilts, M. Hall, T. Halbom, P. Tompkins & J. Lawley
  • Home Trade Centre, about ‘meaningful business and the opportunities in the crisis’
  • Kirkman Company at the  kick-off of their new corporate mission, about ‘purpose, social entrepreneurship and leadership’
  • Flat Garden Event at the Meaningful Profit Award, about ‘Human Nature and deep motivation’
  • Marcom (biggest advertising and marketing congress), about ‘meaningful business in advertising’
  • The annual entrepreneurs meeting in Texel (VVV), about ‘the opportunities in the crisis’
  • Keynote speaker at the biggest NLP congress of The Netherlands, about our book ‘IK BEN niet alleen op de wereld/ Meaningful Profit’
  • Erasmus university, business faculty Alumni, about ‘diversity in management teams and how coaching can contribute to the optimization of diversity’
  • The Dutch Coaching Congress, about ‘coaching leaders in culture change processes’
  • The Action Learning Congress, about ‘inner balance and leadership’
  • The IEP Congress, about ‘innovations in personal development, coaching and about Self-actualisation’
  • At the ABN AMRO bank Dialogues House, about ‘money and motivation’ and about ‘leadership versus management’
  • At the ABN AMRO bank Dialogues House, about ‘the meaning of money in work and life’
  • Symposium ‘de Fotohandel belicht’, about ‘how you can change your perspective in a difficult market’
  • Diverse congresses, a.o.  NVNLP congress; Hypnotherapy society; Chiropractor educational meeting
  • Diverse fairs, a.o. Paravisie
  • Diverse Television appearances, a.o. Veronia T.V., Life & Cooking, RTL Vandaag
  • And many other appearances and  (short) workshops.

Confronting, Funny, Engaging! As if I was shaken. Made me think.

- ErikManaging consultant