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People are made to live meaningful lives, to get the best out of themselves. With intention and mastery you can achieve both. Wassili will help you or your company, with the latest change techniques, solve your problems and realize the highest possible. It is my goal to support my clients in their growth and self-actualization by connecting that what is truly meaningful to their best capabilities and qualities.


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Because of the team sessions we’ve grown closer, we’re more connected now.

- Manon FlierTeam captain Dutch women's volleyball team

Meaningful performance

Wassili Zafiris supports people and organizations to find meaning and to transform that meaning into action in such a way that the biggest motivation and inspiration can be released. Most limitations we experience have to do with our mindset. The ‘intangibles’ that determine our behaviours and assumptions. The things that really matter when we want to make the right decisions, have relationships, do business, lead, work together, live healthy. Wassili can help you make the right decisions, eliminate negative emotions and thoughts, to find your inner strength again, free your talent, work together with more fun and results, lead effectively and humanely, do business and…more.



The REtaC foundation training is attracting more and more attention. For all the good reasons! Would you like to discover how to change emotional issues once and for all? And change deep seated feelings within yourself and in your relationship(s)?

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Wassili Zafiris

Wassili is Greek/ Dutch, a father and has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. Wassili has dealt with setbacks and bounced back as many times. Being from two countries he understands how one builds bridges between cultures. His experience in life and work, a quarter of a century of study and research enables him to find ways to transform the toughest problems for any client. He facilitates growth and self-actualization to achieve meaningful goals.

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Awarded twice!

‘Ik BEN niet alleen op de wereld – Meaningful Profit’ is nominated for Best Business book 2011 & Best Management book 2012!
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Wassili Zafiris Geluk is deprimerend, de gids naar duurzaam geluk. Zweef!

Happiness is depressing

My latest book ‘Happiness is depressing’ is for sale!

In Happiness is depressing, I give answers to the questions we have about happiness. What is happiness? What do we know about happiness? What ideas and assumptions about happiness affect our perception of happiness? I also looked for answers to questions we have about depression. What is depression anyway? How does it work? What does the ‘inner lanscape’ look like of a depressed person? And last but not least: How do we solve depression?

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11 June 2022 in Blog, Coaching, General, Relaties, Relationships

You have all the resources you need

You have all the resources you need Debunking myths RETaC has laid bare some myths from popular psychology and self-development and debunked them. I want to share two myths with…
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In short

In my work as NLP master trainer, neuro-semantic trainer and accredited coach I have facilitated many different people, teams and organizations. I am leadership coach, team facilitator, public speaker, Climate Leader in Al Gore’s Reality Project and author of various books.

Areas I work in

Life- Relationship- and Business Coaching. Training for personal development. Business seminars that every company needs. Organisation and team development aimed at culture, great teamwork en new leadership.

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