Depressed? No longer strive for happiness!

Depressed? No longer strive for happiness!

The search for happiness predominates in our society. Some even think it is their only rescue from peril. Coach, facilitator and author Wassili Zafiris argues that happiness is a trap, especially when depressed. In his research, he found a better way out for depressed and gloomy people. “We are never in a ‘constant state’ of anything.” More and more often I hear clients complain about depressive thoughts and feelings. Or persistent feelings of gloom. The solution when depressed? No longer strive for happiness!
“I just want to be happy,” many of these people sigh. From a professional point of view, I find that an interesting statement. I wondered where this quest for happiness, so prevalent in our society, actually comes from. As a neurolinguistic expert I am very curious about the influence of language on our mood. I ask myself questions such as:
How can language create our reality? How does our brain ‘think’? What language does our brain speak? And how can a choice of words create pitfalls, sometimes so deep, that they lead us to ‘the dark’ instead of ‘the light’? Curious to learn about the influence of our language on our mood? Read the full article in The Optimist here.

Happiness is depressing

Want to know even more about how you can get out of depressed thoughts and feelings? Here is the link to the book: Happiness is Depressing.

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Wassili Zafiris