10 main reasons to work with a meta-coach. Why choose for a meta-coach?

  1. A coach helps you to express what you really want in your life. A meta-coach helps you to get in touch with your (highest) intentions and turn them into tangible goals and missions.
  2. A meta-coach asks very specific questions in order to get unconscious issues into consciousness. As a result obstacles are transformed.
  3. A meta-coach continuously searches for the most powerful motives you have to turn learning’s into action, even if you have to deal with adversity and disappointment.
  4. A meta-coach helps you to be vulnerable, so you can go just that step further and get to the hidden treasures deep in your subconscious mind.
  5. A meta-coach helps you look at your ‘shadow’ so you can have ‘the courageous conversation’ and talk about the affairs of your business or personal life that matter most to you.
  6. A meta-coach helps you to have a ‘healthy relationship’ with ‘difficult’ emotions so you can have all your feelings and thoughts fully present. Anxiety, sadness, anger, or even ‘numbness’ can be transformed working with a good coach. Happiness, joy and sense of purpose will prosper.
  7. A good meta-coach is an excellent observer and listener. He or she knows how to listen for ‘the story behind the story’ so that doubts, insecurities, guilt, shame, stubbornness and tactlessness are tested at their true meaning and history of the person.
  8. Of course, a coach is trustworthy, completely focused to empower his or her client. To make sure that you have more self-esteem and self-confidence ‘going out the door then you came in with.’ Using proper coaching, you learn to feel confident, decisive without having to keep up appearances. You will learn how you can achieve your goals by being fully you.
  9. A meta-coach helps you to make ‘leap in learning’ so that deep patterns may change once and for all.
  10. A meta-coach helps you think ‘smarter’ so you become more effective in solving your problems and those of others. You learn strategic thinking, get more insight into the ‘bigger picture’ and understand your own patterns better.
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