Life coach

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is an inspiring form of coaching. Life coaching helps you to achieve goals and solve problems. Both in work and private life. Life coaching is a form of personal coaching in which you can explore various life questions. For example: discovering your talents and passions. Setting health and fitness goals. Living a more meaningful life. Dealing better with conflicts, setbacks and criticism. Change disruptive feelings. Transform negative emotions. Increasing your self-confidence.

What does a life coach do?

What a life coach does depends on his education and background. Effective personal coaching requires an enormous amount of knowledge. And it requires a lot of experience. Wassili is such a very experienced personal coach. He has knowledge of performance coaching. He works with top athletes, pilots and stock market traders. He helps clients with meaningful issues. Wassili solves profound emotional problems with the RETEC method he developed. His specialisations range from personal leadership to health coaching. From helping to find inner peace. To resolving inner conflicts. From uncovering blind spots. To daring to dream again. From a feeling of emptiness. To feeling meaning in once life. Wassili often gets to the heart of the matter very quick with his surprising methods.

Do you want to live without fear, insecurity and self-doubt? Do you want to learn to let go of shame and guilt? Do you want to learn how to change your irritations? Are you done with impotence and helplessness? Do you want to discover how to change your deepest beliefs? How you can seize opportunities? Do you want to live and grow unimpeded? Do you want to increase your personal effectiveness? Improve your competence with coaching? Or do you want to be less concerned with other people’s opinions? Or work on your personal development? Are you looking for a Life Coach or online coaching? Apply for an intake for Life Coaching.

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Other types of coaching.

Applications for life coaching

A life coach can help you find a good work-life balance. With the help of personal coaching you learn to deal with stress. Achieve the top in your profession and sport. You learn how to gain mental and emotional strength. Also, a personal life coach helps improve your communication and to dissolve emotional blockage. Personal coaching can also solve uncertainties about money so that you have a better chance of prosperity. Do you want to know if your question can be answered by means of life coaching? Please contact us or register now. For specific work-related questions, business coaching is the best option.


Certified international meta-coach, with a lot of extra knowledge and experience. Also see my biography.

This video is part of DashNDem’s artwork at the Athens Biennale 2013. 11 top life coaches from around the world were asked to collaborate on a video artwork. The art installation had the intention to coach the Greeks “out” of the 2008 crisis. In “Reaching Re-birth” the coaches coach visitors to the Biennale by means of video messages. 150,000 visitors have seen the installation.

Wassili talks in this video about pessimism, hopelessness and feelings of victimisation. He guides the viewer on how to turn these feelings into optimism.

A life coaching pathway

  • The life coaching process starts with an intake interview of one hour. Both life and online coaching. The intake provides more clarity about your coaching question and the goals to be achieved. During the follow-up interviews, we solve the obstacles that stand in your way. Step by step we move closer to your goals. Life coaching is a personalised way of personal development. This means that every step closer to the goal reveals new challenges. The purpose of life coaching is to achieve goals and change barriers.
  • The duration of a coaching process is on average between 3 to 8 conversations (1 to 1.5 hours at a time). Transformation and working on your personal development efficiently are important in this.
  • When you take part in one of my training courses you will receive 5 coaching sessions with a discount.
  • If you need a longer-term coaching program, you can buy 10 coaching hours at once with a package discount.
  • The location is IJburg, Amsterdam. Appointments can also be on location, at companies and governments institutions.
  • I also use “Online coaching”, coaching sessions via Skype, Teams, Zoom or FaceTime. The results are excellent.
  • The costs of a personal life coach are often deductible. Ask your own advisor about the options. Unfortunately, this method is not yet reimbursed by insurers.
  • You can read more about life coaching on the blog.

Intake with a senior coach

Have you always wanted to discover what a senior coach can do for you? Take advantage of a one-hour intake with Wassili Zafiris for the deduced price of €125,00! Follow up coaching €175,00 p/h. 


  • Surprising new insights into your problem.
  • More clarity about what you want to achieve.
  • Movement in your situation (or relationship).
  • Feeling of direction and energy.
  • Clarity about “what now?”

“Coaching with Wassili is 1000 times more effective. More decisive. More positive, liberating and more active than listening to a Freudian psychotherapist entangled with himself.
They are not looking for a solution, but for the heavy dark problem. As a result, you cannot get out. Wassili looks for solutions, also for your heavy dark problems. We will continue until we find the solution. Wassili works very effective.”

- Stephan Pröppertalking to a friend who's wife is a psychotherapist

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    Wassili is past member of the European Nomination Committee (ENCO) of the ICF. Advising Leadership positions for the European Advisory board, RAC.