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Life & Business Coaching I specialize in

Within my specializations you can contact me for different themes. Keep in mind that everyone expresses his or her wishes and problems in their own way. If your needs are not listed below please contact me to find out if I can help you. I specialize in life and business coaching.

  • Executive & Business coaching: Business development, effective management, leadership development, achieving professional goals, team management, handle pressure, stress and adversity, performance coaching, talent development, dealing with emotions, better working relationships, authority issues, strategy, vision and mission development.
  • Career coaching: finding meaningful work, work on your mission and vision, your passions and talents, expose ‘bears on the road’, learn how to choose, handle pressure / stress and performance.
  • Personal & Life coaching: Work & Life balance, self-confidence, coping with stress, pessimism and gloom, learn positive thinking, enhance communication, self-confidence, let go of fears, resolve emotional blocks, to better understand yourself, the get the most out of your life, to get to the top in your professional and sports career, uncertainties about money and career choices, relationship problems, to get in charge of your life, empowerment, highly sensitive and more.
  • Team coaching & facilitation: more confidence in your team, dealing with conflict in teams, achieving common goals, improve the flow of your team, get the energy back into the team, become a unit, work towards an important goal.
  • Depression coaching: a special kind of coaching I preform comes from a 10 year study that resulted in the book, Happiness is DepressingA self-help book based on a new approach on how to transform depression into Zest for Life. For 1 on 1 coaching please contact me.

Coaching is also available via Zoom, Teams, Skype and FaceTime.

Executive & Business Coaching

Coaching for business owners, executives, CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the profit and non-profit sector to learn how to be who you are while pursuing your companies goals and missions. You will be supported in order to get the best out of yourself, the company and the staff so that you can act meaningfully as you inspire others along the way.

Wassili is a member of the European Nomination Committee (ENCO) for the ICF Leadership positions in the European advisory board, RAC.

Accreditations: Certified international meta-coach, internationally certified leadership coach, internationally certified entrepreneur coach.

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Personal & Life coaching

For all people who want to grow, look for opportunities and are realistic enough to realize that the ‘bears on the road’ must be addressed in order to move forward. If you wish to transform the things holding you back to fully ‘be there’ in work, health and relationships. Do you want to be able to make the right choices? Do you want to live without fear, insecurity, self-doubt, shame and guilt, irritation and powerlessness? Do you want to move on with your live? Contact me.

Accreditations: Certified international meta-coach, with a lot of additional knowledge and experience, see my biography.

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This video is part of DashNDem’s artwork at the Athens Biennale 2013. 11 top life coaches from around the world were asked to collaborate on a video artwork. The art installation had the intention to coach the Greeks “out” of the 2008 crisis. In “Reaching Re-birth” the coaches coach visitors to the Biennale by means of video messages. 150,000 visitors have seen the installation.

Wassili talks in this video about pessimism, hopelessness and feelings of victimisation. He guides the viewer on how to turn these feelings into optimism.

Team coaching & facilitation

In team coaching we look at how people can settle their differences, allowing them to work with more fun, creativity and effectiveness. I know that many teams only use a small part of the potential of the team. That’s why we explore how you can grow into a generative team. This means that we are going to look at how you can really become more then the sum of the parts. Teams in organizations benefit from this as well as teams that need to perform exceptionally like f.e. a sports team.

Accreditations: internationally certified team facilitator and coach.

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Give yourself a gift! Go to Wassili.

- Stephan Pröpperto Stephan Pröpper
Team coach of the Dutch women’s volleyball team

Working as mental coach of one of the best women’s volleyball teams in the world, I know how a team can get stuck and ‘unstuck’. How ‘trust’ and vulnerability can become huge strengths and how ‘being a unit’ becomes possible when all individual strengths are utilized. A team collaborating in a generative way can become magical once their spirit is unleashed.

Coaching for professionals

In the past 20 years I have had a lot of experience with professionals, such as artists, musicians, actors, TV presenters, professional athletes and top athletes, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, currency traders, consultants, business owners, therapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, trainers and coaches.

1000 times more effective, more proactive, more positive, more liberating and more active than talking to a Freudian psychotherapist, who is not looking for a solution, but for the heavy, dark problem, and the problem after that, still deeper into the depths of your subconscious, so deep that you will never come out again, and by the way: the session is finished, until next week.

- Stephan Pröpperto a friend whose wife is a psychotherapist

I am past board member of the International Coach Federation, the biggest coach federation in the world. As a past board member (5 years) of the Dutch Chapter I did strive to foster professionalization of coaching in the Netherlands and abroad. I am also a member of the European Leadership Group of the ICF and took part in the nomination committee of the European Regional Advisory Committee of the ICF. I have done most of my training in progressive Silicon Valley, USA. See my biography for more information.

10 main reasons to work with a meta-coach

  1. A coach helps you to express what you really want in your life. A meta-coach helps you to get in touch with your (highest) intentions and turn them into tangible goals and missions.
  2. A meta-coach asks very specific questions in order to get unconscious issues into consciousness. As a result obstacles are transformed.
  3. A meta-coach continuously searches for the most powerful motives you have to turn learning’s into action, even if you have to deal with adversity and disappointment.
  4. A meta-coach helps you to be vulnerable, so you can go just that step further and get to the hidden treasures deep in your subconscious mind.
  5. A meta-coach helps you look at your ‘shadow’ so you can have ‘the courageous conversation’ and talk about the affairs of your business or personal life that matter most to you.
  6. A meta-coach helps you to have a ‘healthy relationship’ with ‘difficult’ emotions so you can have all your feelings and thoughts fully present. Anxiety, sadness, anger, or even ‘numbness’ can be transformed working with a good coach. Happiness, joy and sense of purpose will prosper.
  7. A good meta-coach is an excellent observer and listener. He or she knows how to listen for ‘the story behind the story’ so that doubts, insecurities, guilt, shame, stubbornness and tactlessness are tested at their true meaning and history of the person.
  8. Of course, a coach is trustworthy, completely focused to empower his or her client. To make sure that you have more self-esteem and self-confidence ‘going out the door then you came in with.’ Using proper coaching, you learn to feel confident, decisive without having to keep up appearances. You will learn how you can achieve your goals by being fully you.
  9. A meta-coach helps you to make ‘leap in learning’ so that deep patterns may change once and for all.
  10. A meta-coach helps you think ‘smarter’ so you become more effective in solving your problems and those of others. You learn strategic thinking, get more insight into the ‘bigger picture’ and understand your own patterns better.

Ready for real change?

Do you make decisions in your organization and you think you can use the reflective power of an objective professional? You really want to move on? If so, then it’s time for a coach that supports, stimulates and helps you to find your hidden potential.

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