Depression coaching

Despite the fact that you do not directly link “depression” and “coaching”, I have indeed linked them to each other. I have been researching depression and zest for life for over 10 years. I have developed a coaching method to work with depression as a coach.

This method and the philosophy behind it are described in my book Happiness is Depressing. I wanted to understand how someone can get depressed. And what, in essence, should happen to “shine light in the darkness” again.

Effective method

I have been able to develop an effective method that has been tested with hundreds of clients. I work with young people from about 18 years old. The use of medication does not have to be a barrier. If you have serious suicidal thoughts, I advise you to see your doctor. Also if other complicating factors play a role, such as bipolar problems.

Everyone, from “chronic dissatisfaction” to (over) moderate prolonged depressive and gloomy thoughts can benefit from my approach. Happiness is depressing has a supportive effect. Also watch the video below. In it I explain what I think are the three causes of depression. Do you also want to better understand what’s going on with you and change those gloomy thoughts? Register now for an intake interview.

Read more about the book Happiness is depressing here. The book is published in English in 2019. Read more about the different types of coaching on the coaching page.

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‘Happily depressed’

Lucas Derks, social psychologist, filmed Wassili Zafiris about his book Happiness is depressing. In the film Wassili tells, among other things, what the three causes of depression are.


Certified international meta-coach. Master NLP trainer. Neuro-semantics trainer with a lot of knowledge and experience. NLP Master Health Certified. 1998 NLPU, University Santa Cruz California, NLP and health specialization. Also see my biography. Fellow at the IIOPM (International Institute of Organizational Psychological Medicine).

A depression coaching pathway

  • The duration of a coaching pathway for depressive complaints is on average between 5 to 10 sessions (1 to 1.5 hours at a time). Transformation and working as efficiently as possible are important in this.
  • Take advantage of a 50% discount at the intake!
  • When participating in one of my training courses you will receive 5 coaching sessions with a discount.
  • If you need longer-term coaching, you can buy 10 coaching hours at once with a package discount.
  • The location is IJburg, Amsterdam. Appointments can also be on location, at companies and governments institutions. I also use “Online coaching”, coaching via Zoom, Teams, FaceTime or Skype video connection. The results are excellent.
  • If you have life questions, go to life coaching. For more business questions, check out business coaching or career coaching.
  • The costs of the coaching are often deductible. Ask your own advisor about the options. Unfortunately, this method is not yet reimbursed by insurers.
  • Read more about coaching and coaching cases on the coaching blog, the happiness blog or book blog.

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  • Surprising new insights into your problem.
  • More clarity about what you want to achieve.
  • Movement in your situation (or relationship).
  • Sense of direction and energy.
  • Clarity about “what now?”

“Happiness is depressing starts lightly and takes you step by step into how depression emerges. Then immediately afterwards it releases you from the depressive darkness. A book full of provocative statements and exercises that awaken the 'light' in you. A fine example of autonomous thinking.”

- Lucas Derks, PhDSocial psychologist and developer of Mental Space Psychology

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