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Are you part of an exceptional team? Wouldn’t that be great! Most teams I’ve encountered in the past 18 years are not so exceptional. Great teams have exceptional behaviour and achieve exceptional results. Results the individual members could have never achieved by themselves. Achieving results that go beyond the individual are called ‘generative’ and in generative teams the sum of the whole is truly more then its parts. Sadly many teams never get to that point. Take the teamtest to find out ho your team is performing.

Working with an Olympic team

Working with an Olympic team I’ve experienced first hand what can happen with a team when a set of team principles are applied by all members of the team. The moment a team goes from ‘good’ to ‘great’ it’s like ‘magic’ appears in the team, in the minds of the players and with the staff. That magic can be cultivated. This is your first step towards that magic.

In a moment you will do the team test to discover if your team is already great or that you could do much better. This will give you the option to go on as you have or grab the opportunity to become great.

Healthy teams

What do you measure to get an understanding of how well a team functions? The output of the team? The enthusiasm? Results? What are the prerequisites for results? Tangible things play part in the success of the team and intangibles. And the ‘intangibles’ are the difference that makes the difference.

Innovation, growth and extraordinary results are often due to great collaboration. Generative collaboration can make things possible that were hard to image before hand. They were wished for. Sometimes all it takes is to figure out what the problem in the teamwork is to open the door the new ways of collaboration.

The culture

No team is an island. Some teams are in trouble because of circumstances. Illness, to much workload, high turnover of staff, lack of results, setback you name it. Any of these events can influence the team negatively. Often the way a team functions says a lot about how the team is managed and how the company functions. When you want your company to flourish its important to get more understanding about how your teams are doing. The test you are about to take will give valuable feedback about the quality of the collaboration in your company as well as that of the management of the team and the corporate culture.

Do you want to skip all that and get straight into generative collaboration? Contact me!

Enjoy your test!