Implementation of business development

How do I implement business development?

  • 1 on 1 leadership coaching and mentoring; Leadership development through training and workshops.
  • Team facilitation and team workshops.
  • Management Team facilitation and strategy development; Change management and implementation of Business development.

Leadership coaching, training and development

Leaders are no longer ‘commanders’ or ‘bosses’ but individuals committed to ‘creating a world your people want to belong to’.

This mindset requires a completely different set of skills and models to effectively lead and pursue results. Communication skills, relationship management, stakeholder engagement, dialogue facilitation, problem solving skill and more.

3 key elements of new leadership:

Anticipation – ‘Looking beyond the bend’ is a key skill for a leader but how do you do that? Is that a skill? Can that be thought? Yes!

Alignment – Being congruent as a leader makes it much easier to be followed. Living your values and understanding the values of others are important for you as a leader. Understanding motivation, having a clear self-image, knowing your ‘shadows’ and more. Your effectiveness as leader grows as you grow.

Doing – Do you have what it takes to understand and uncover what needs to be done to achieve the goals at hand? Can you ‘stick to the plan’? Keep the mission alive? Do you know when to quit?

Leadership coaching, training and on the job mentoring can be the support that makes the difference in how you manage people, yourself and the goals of the company.

Leadership is creating a world your people want to belong to.

Team coach of the Dutch women’s volleyball team

Working as mental coach of one of the best women’s volleyball teams in the world, I know how a team can get stuck and ‘unstuck’. How ‘trust’ and vulnerability can become huge strengths and how ‘being a unit’ becomes possible when all individual strengths are utilized. A team collaborating in a generative way can become magical once their spirit is unleashed.

Teamwork – Generative collaboration

The heart of every company are the people working there. The passion, inspiration, commitment and sense of ownership determine the direction the company is going and the quality of the contribution the people are making. Much change and innovation is seldom achieved by a single individual but by the qualities of several individuals working in sink together. Co-creation is key in change and innovation. Wassili facilitates co-creation in teams through ‘generative collaboration’ workshops.

The essentials of teamwork?

  • It there enough trust?
  • Is there fear of conflict and speaking up?
  • Is there enough commitment?
  • Do people avoid responsibility and ownership?
  • Are people focussed on their own agenda or the team goals?

Generative collaboration workshops start with making an inventory of the above. From there all team members will learn how to apply the rules of generative collaboration. Do you want your teams to flourish and produce extraordinary results? Teach your staff how to co-create using generative collaboration skills.

Wassili Zafiris Team Coach

Test your team, for free!

Want to learn how you can optimise your teamwork? Participate in the free team test and open the door to generative collaboration. The free teamtest will give you insight in how you are performing as a team.

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New leadership

Learn how to become a self-actualizing leader and unleash hidden potential in yourself and your employees. Utilize human capital fully with the latest in leadership development.
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Change management & management teams

Corporate environments change constantly, the economy is changing. People need to adapt and be one step ahead. Sometimes all this can be to daunting. Management teams need to collaborate at the decisive level. Getting ‘the noses pointed in the right direction’ is easier said than done. Having the guidance of an experienced management team facilitator can be invaluable when sorting out visions, values, missions, strategies, politics, arguments and translating MT decisions to employees and ROI. Use the benefits of an experienced senior team facilitator and coach. Sometimes you need to go fast, sometimes you need to be thorough.

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