Wassili Zafiris (1964) is NLP master trainer, coach, researcher, author, public speaker. He has 25 years of experience in the fields of personal and organisational change. He was the mental coach of the Dutch Women’s Volleyball team.

In 2017 he received a fellowship from the International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine (IIOPM). In 2023, Stress and relaxation in the workplace, for the Oxford Textbook of Organisational Psychological Medicine, will be published.

In his latest book Happiness is Depressing (2019) he describes his ground-breaking coaching method of transforming depression into Zest for life. Happiness is Depressing is a step by step guide (for professionals and clients) to transform the main causes of depression: loneliness, adversity, negative self-image. Lucas Derks PhD (author and developer of the Social Panorama model and Mental Space Psychology) made a short movie outlining some ideas Wassili presents in his book.

Wassili is co-author of the twice nominated book Meaningful Profit* (Best Business book 2011, Best Management book 2012) about his applied research of personal leadership and resilience during organisational transformation. In 2014 he created the animation, The first worldwide crisis YOU can DO something aboutabout the psychology of Meaningful Profit applied to climate change. 

In 2008 he co-authored Appetite** about the mindset of the best chef cooks in the world.

He is developer of the RETeC Method, co-developer of the business model Meaningful Profit and Faculty member of the Global School for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He teaches Masterclasses ‘Leadership’ at Nyenrode Business University. Wassili developed the model Driven by Nature about the essential drives of people. He is past board member of the Dutch ICF (International Coach Federation) and fulfilled European posts for the ICF. He has a passion for nature and is Climate Leader with Al Gore.

Wassili is certified meta-coach, neuro-semantic pioneer and NLP Master Trainer. He facilitates transformational processes of individuals and (international) organisations.  He works with clients in one-on-one meetings and groups. His psychological and business background together with his knowledge of neurology as a former specialised physical therapist combined with his experience in emotional intelligence (due to his study in haptonomie) make of him an expert in the art and science of change and growth.

In Dutch:

*IK BEN niet alleen op de wereld


You can contact him for personal or business questions.


Modeling exceptional qualities and behaviors:

  • Organizational growth, development and research
  • Team development and cooperation
  • Individual growth and development
  • Self-actualizing leadership and organizational development
  • The power of language for individual growth, organizational development and advertising

The psychology of:

  • High performers (F.E. stock market traders, entrepreneurs, pilots, athletes, leaders, politicians, performers, people who work with targets and deadlines.)
  • High performance teams (top teams in companies and sport)
  • Resilience and autonomy (dealing effectively with setback, resilience, burn-out, depression)
  • Flow, inner strength, self-actualization and mastery
  • Motivation (autonomy, mastery, purpose)
  • Money and beliefs

At the university of Santa Cruz (California.) he attended and assisted more than 10 NLP programs (1997-2013). He has been partner with leadership pioneer Robert Dilts in Silicone Valley. Wassili is author, public speaker and teaches at various institutes.

Author – 2x nominated

His book ‘IK BEN niet alleen op de wereld’, (2011 co-author Ben Steenstra) was nominated best ‘Business book 2011’ as well as best ‘Management book 2012’. As co-author of ‘Eetlust’ he met and modeled 10 internationally acclaimed chefs and their mindsets. He has been in the media with articles/interviews- Ode, NRC, Inzicht, Quest, Nu-sport, Parool, Sprout, De Zaak, Telegraaf, Life & Cooking, RTL, Veronica.

Public speaker

As public speaker he can be booked via Speakers Academy. He spoke amongst others at the Erasmus University, the Action Learning Congress, at Marcom, Dialogues House (ABN AMRO HQ), Kirkman Company and he was keynote speaker at the IEP NLP congress 2011. He organized several international meetings like the  ‘European trainers & consultancy’ meeting and the  ‘Leadership lounge’ in Greece.

Education and remark-abilities

Ambassador Mental Space Psychology (Dr Lucas Derks), Netherlands
Teacher Meaningful Profit and Facilitator of Entrepreneurial Development at the Global School for Entrepreneurship, Bachelor - Master - MBA
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the JungleBirds Foundation, a meaningful profit foundation
Author of ’Stress and relaxation in the workplace’ for the Oxford Textbook of Organizational Medicine
Fellowship Awarded (Honoris Causa) by the International Institute of Organizational Medicine
Metaphores of Movement training level 3 en 4, Andrew Austin, Utrecht, The Netherlands
ICF board member The Netherlands (International Coaching Federation), in charge of rebuilding the ICF NL and international ICF connections
Metaphores of Movement training level 1 and 2, Andrew Austin, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Board member in the Academic Advisory Council of the International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine
Judge in 2014 Prism Panel of Judges of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). This annual award program recognizes high achievement in organizational coaching. The Panel reviews the Award nominations, issue scores, and offer recommendations for the winning organization. This is a worldwide award and participation is global
Member ICF Europe Leadership nominating committee: Advising on electing and nominating candidates for Leadership position within the RAC (Regional Advisory Board of Europe) of the ICF (28.000 members worldwide)
ELM (European Leadership Meeting) spokesperson for ICF Netherlands
Certified NLP Master Trainer, Facilitator & Social Entrepreneur Developer- (University of Santa Cruz, California,) UCSC, NLPU- part 2 | Climate Leader with Al Gore- San Francisco, Reality Project
Board member International Coach Federation | Board member Dutch society of Neuro-Semantics | Board member, marketing commission ICF, International Coach Federation | Supervisor Master students Sports and Performance psychology, UVA
Certified NLP Master Trainer, Facilitator & Social Entrepreneur Developer- (University of Santa Cruz, California,) UCSC, NLPU- part 1 | Certified Neuro-semantic trainer’s training- Hong Kong
High performance coach for the National Olympic Comity (NOC/NSF) and the Dutch Women’s Volleyball team
Started and applied version of the training Wealthy-Mind, ‘Rijk Leven’ in the Netherlands | Certified Wealthy-mind trainer’s training, NLP institute California, USA | Richard Bandler, Design Human Engineering, Certified, Amsterdam
The Journey Intensive, Brandon Bays, London | Since 1997 coach en certified international meta-coach since 2005, London | Certified Self-actualisation trainer’s trainer, Portland, Oregon, USA
Neuro-semantic trainer provisional
The Matrix Model, Bob Bodenhammer, London School of Clinical Hypnosis
Generative Collaboration and 3de generation NLP- USCS, NLPU, (University van Santa Cruz, California, USA) | TimeLine Therapy, Tad James, London
Symbolic Modelling introduced in the Netherlands and presented for the first time in the Netherlands at the IEP NLP congress, the Netherlands
Introduced Neuro-semantics in the Netherlands | Certified leadership consultant, trainer en partner with ISVORDILTS, international leadership strategy group, Silicone Valley, USA
The Social Panorama Model of Social of Lucas Derks
Certified international NLP trainer since 1997 (University van Santa Cruz, California, Robert Dilts NLPU attended trainers training twice | Twice assistant trainer at the NLPU Trainer training | 1997 NLP Master practitioner training in Health, (University van Santa Cruz, California, Robert Dilts NLPU) | 1997 first introduction to Family Constellation work in California, followed by training in Family- and Organizational Constellation in the Netherlands | 1996 NLP Practitioner training, ITS London | In ’97 en ’98 assistant trainer at the practitioner en master program of ITS London | 1995 Economy & Philosophy (London School of Economic Science)
Between 1996-2000
Certification courses: Experiential Array (modeling) by David Gordon en Graham Dawes | Strategies of stock market traders master-class by Charles Faulkner | Spirit of Prosperity by McDonald & Dilts | Wealth & Money by Tim Hallbom | Metaphors by David Gordon | Metaphors by Charles Faulkner | Leadership by Sid Jacobson | Leadership van Joseph O’Conner | Health by Suzie Smit | Hypnoses by Stephen Gilligan | Symbolic Modeling by Lawley & Tompkins | Presentation training by Michael Colgrass, Pulitzer Prize winner
Meridian therapy, Amsterdam
Diploma Haptonomy, Academy of Haptonomy, Doorn
Physiotherapist, with honors Academy Leffelaar, Amsterdam | Specialization in Neurology